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Ditch the Discomfort ​and Rediscover Your ​Vibrant Self With Our ​Perimenopause ​Wellness Bundle

It's your customizable roadmap to ​navigate hormonal shifts, manage ​symptoms naturally, and feel your ​energetic best!


Are you feeling like you're on a roller coaster ride lately? Hot flashes, mood swings, sleep troubles – ​sound familiar? If you're in your 40s or early 50s, you may be experiencing perimenopause, a ​natural transition phase leading up to menopause.

Don't worry, you're not alone! Millions of women navigate this shift, and it can feel overwhelming.

But what if you could ditch the discomfort and rediscover your vibrant self? Our Essential ​Perimenopause Wellness Bundle is here to be your personalized guide through this exciting time.

We understand the unique challenges you face. Irritability, fatigue, and unpredictable periods can ​leave you feeling frustrated and disconnected. That's why we created a bundle packed with proven ​strategies to help you manage symptoms naturally and thrive during perimenopause.

Embrace Your Freedom ​to THRIVE!

Imagine waking up each morning feeling ​empowered, vibrant, and brimming with confidence. ​That’s the transformation we’ve already celebrated ​for thousands of women who have reclaimed their ​health and zest for life using our holistic approach.

Now, we invite you to step into this circle of ​empowerment. It's your turn to enrich your life with ​the knowledge and cutting-edge tools that will guide ​you through hormonal shifts, alleviate your ​symptoms, and awaken a rejuvenated spirit within ​you!


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Success Stories

“Hot flashes were my daily nightmare, disrupting my ​life at the most inconvenient times. But this Bundle, it ​was a revelation. By implementing the natural ​strategies my hot flashes became less frequent and ​less intense, making me feel in control again. I'm ​FINALLY sleeping through the night and my energy ​levels have tripled. I highly recommend this to every ​woman navigating the perimenopause maze.”

-Katrina B

“I felt lost and confused for years trying to figure out ​why I was gaining weight even though I was eating ​healthy. My doctor was no help. She told me to eat less ​and exercise more - so frustrating! Then I found Kristen ​and her guidance has been a true blessing. I've already ​lost 15 pounds without feeling deprived and I finally ​feel in control of my body. I feel like myself again.”

-Brenda K

“My joint pain and headaches are gone at last and ​no more wild mood swings. Kristen truly understands ​a woman's needs during perimenopause.”

-Adriana T

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The Essential Perimenopause Wellness Bundle

Your customizable roadmap to navigate hormonal shifts, manage ​your symptoms naturally, and feel your energetic best!

Here’s What’s Included:


15 Beautifully Balanced Meals:

-5 breakfast recipes

-5 lunches recipes

-5 dinners recipes

INSANELY DELICIOUS...and all focused on ample ​protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and calcium; ​perfect for perimenopause.


🎁 Building-A-Balanced Plate guide to crea​te hormone-supporting mea​ls

🎁 Essential Nutrient Framework and Shopping Li​st

🎁 Meal prep cheat sheet for when brain fog hi​t​s


A 30-day customizable exercise plan tailored ​specifically for midlife women.

Easy to follow with room for endless ​combinations of strength, cardio, and flexibility ​exercises for all fitness levels.


- Warm up

- Progressions and regressions

- Form

- Rep range

- And links to exercise demo videos


🎁 30-day meditation challenge and planner


​Exclusive toolkit filled with resources to support ​and enhance a balanced lifestyle including:

​-Meal planning worksheet to streamline your ​nutrition and simplify healthy eating for maximized ​energy.

-Self-care tips to elevate your daily well-being, ​reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, and maintain ​optimal health effortlessly.

-Goal mapping tool to transform your aspirations ​into achievable milestones.


🎁Supplement guide crafted to balance ​hormones naturally and alleviate perimenopause ​symptoms.

🎁Gratitude log to celebrate the abundance in ​your life, transforming your outlook and ​relationships.

Altogether A Total Value Over $227 USD

Today Only $27 USD


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Success Stories

“Perimenopause had me feeling lost and tired all the ​time, but this Bundle changed everything. It gave me ​simple steps to feel energetic and clear-headed again, ​making a huge difference.”

-Bethany H

“The stress of navigating perimenopause was piling ​up, making every day feel like a tightrope walk. Then I ​found this Bundle. It didn't just ease my hot flashes; ​the self-care strategies melted away my stress, too. It's ​like finding peace in the midst of chaos. Thank you, ​Kristen!”

-Connie T

“Constant bloating had me avoiding my favorite ​outfits, but this Bundle helped to change all that. By ​making simple shifts I got rid of the puffiness and ​flattened my tummy, helping me feel comfortable in ​my skin again. Finally, I can wear what I want without ​feeling self-conscious.”

-Adriana T

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Start Thriving in 3 Simple Steps

Discover how to simplify perimenopause wellness using our 3-step

holistic approach...

Healthy lunches with quinoa and salmon


No fad diets here – just sustainable, ​delicious ways to fuel your body, promote ​restful sleep, and ease hormonal ​fluctuations.

Middle Age Woman Exercising with Dumbbells


Exercise routines designed to fit your ​lifestyle, boost your mood, and and keep ​you feeling strong and confident.

Embrace A holistic LIFESTYLE

Powerful lifestyle strategies to manage ​stress, improve sleep quality, and prioritize ​your well-being.

This isn't about just managing symptoms. It's about taking charge of ​your health so you can THRIVE during perimenopause.


Hi, I’m Kristen

Have sleepless nights, mood swings, and that ​stubborn weight gain become your new normal like? ​I get it. That was me too – drowning in fatigue and ​searching for answers.

But I wasn't ready to give up! Through research and ​experimentation, I cracked the code on hormone ​health. I discovered a powerful method that not only ​eased my symptoms, but gave me a renewed vitality ​I never thought possible.

And guess what? These are the same strategies I've ​used to help thousands of women reclaim their ​power. They've reduced stress, improved sleep, and ​rediscovered a strength and confidence they never ​knew they had.

The Essential Perimenopause Wellness Bundle isn't ​just information. It's your all-access pass to a proven ​method for navigating this transition with the strength ​and grace you deserve.

If this is you:

  • You're fed up with hot flashes, weight gain, or mood swings ruling your life
  • You crave the energy and confidence to truly shine
  • You're ready to ditch the "this is just how it is" mentality and embrace a ​healthier you
  • You're committed to taking control and feeling your best again
  • You're done feeling lost and frustrated

Then don’t wait another day. Grab The Essential Perimenopause ​Wellness Bundle and reclaim your energy and confidence.

Let’s Recap What’s Inside:

Hormone-balancing recipes

30-day customizable exercise plan

Balanced lifestyle optimization toolkit



🎁30-day meditation challenge

🎁Building-A-Balanced Plate guide

🎁Essential nutrient framework

🎁Premade shopping list

🎁Meal prep cheat sheet

🎁Supplement guide

🎁Gratitude log

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Total Value Over $227 USD

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Don’t settle for feeling lost and frustrated. Experience the power to feel ​your best again with The Essential Perimenopause Wellness Bundle.

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